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What To Eat With Miracle Berries? Food Tasting Notes

Miracle berries are a West African fruit that, when eaten, supposedly make sour & bitter foods taste sweet. I’m one to enjoy tasting foods, and with a miracle berry, suddenly every food item can have two different tasting experiences – with and without having had a miracle berry!

Recently my brother had purchased miracle berries from miraclefruit, which comes to about $3 AUD a tablet, and we and some family had decided to do a fruit tasting to see how it affects the taste of the fruit and I decided to document all my personal tasting notes for each of the fruits we tried. 🙂

The miracle berry fruit tablets I tried


To try get the maximum effect of the miracle berry, we placed the miracle berry tablet (made of a blend between freeze dried miracle berries and corn starch) on our tongues and let them slowly dissolve. Eventually we’d purposely push the tablet all around our tongue to try coat our taste buds as much as possible to maximise the experience.

About to take the miracle berry tablet!

We decided to keep the tasting pretty simple and focused on fruits. This is also because some people part of the tasting don’t normally enjoy fruit due to the sourness & tang so this was the only way to convince them to eat fruit. Included was also salt & vinegar chips as we had read online that this would also be interesting.

Tasting notes

Below were tasting notes for all the fruits I tried as well as by rating out of 10 for how worthwhile it is to eat with a miracle berry. My rating of 10 means it is definitely worth a try and is much more delicious with a miracle berry, and a rating of 5 would be very average to slightly worse, and a rating of 1 would be inedible and horrid.

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ItemRating / 10Notes
Strawberry10Bomb. Really sweet and amplified the natural strawberry flavour. Absolutely delicious!
Raspberry7Very sweet! Almost too sweet. I’m probably biased as I did this tasting on the same day I ran a half marathon and had some intra-run nutrition that was raspberry flavoured and that was a tooougggh run.
Orange8Orange with no tang – super smooth.
Granny Smith Apple7.5Flavour felt less intense and felt less acidic. 6/10 rating on the flavour, 9/10 rating on the miracle berry’s ability to convert the sour taste into sweetness! Went in the middle of these two ratings to get 7.5.
Tomato8.5Surprisingly made the tomato very sweet to the point where it tasted like a Golden Perino snacking tomato (one of my favourites by the way)! Golden perinos aren’t the cheapest snacking / cherry tomatoes around, so this could be a cost effective way of getting the same experience.
Lemon10Tastes just like lemonade! A “sour undertone presence” is still noticeable, but there’s no sour smack, and sweetness just rings through. Another delicious fruit to have! Eating this reminded me of a recent experience trying the “lemonade fruit” which is a sweet lemon.
Plum6The skin of a plum is usually sour but this was no longer there. I could only taste a subtle undertone of sweetness, and the taste of “fresh water” was much more pronounced that it reminded me of eating watermelon.
Red Seedless Grapes5The grapes were already kind of sweet to begin with, and they just tasted watered down after the miracle berry.
Persimmon5This was already sweet. Tasted normal – no change.
Guava5This wasn’t that sweet to begin with. Tasted pretty average – no change.
Salt & Vinegar Chips8Vinegar flavour was more muted, bit sweet, pretty tasty!
Mandarin7.5An interesting one – I felt like it gave the mandarin a “candy” quality to it. Pretty good but bit edgier on the sweet side for my liking.
Papaya9Delicious! Boosted the natural flavour of the papaya. It went from a good papaya to a great papaya.


Tasting various foods with the miracle berry was quite fun and an experience!

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I’d definitely recommend giving it a go – and especially trying strawberries, lemons, papayas and tomatoes when you do.

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