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The Best And Most Affordable Suburbs To Rent In Sydney 2022

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There are many ways to define best (closest to family, closest to food hubs, closest to El Jannahs, etc.) but I’ve loosely defined best being either the closest to the Sydney CBD or having the highest socioeconomic score relative to all other suburbs in NSW. The reason why I’ve looked at the socioeconomic score of suburbs it that this is a general indication of the safety of a suburb. In general, I’d expect the crime rates to decrease the higher the socioeconomic score of the suburb.

For what is the most affordable, I’ve focused on the one price point of Under $400 per week to rent a house. Given that the average rent for a house is $540 a week in Sydney, you can save more than $7,000 by moving to one of these suburbs identified below that are the best at the most affordable price point.

To obtain this data, I’ve used the following sources:

Diving right into the top suburbs..

Lalor Park 2147

Lalor Park is a safe and good suburb, it is really a great area to live in everyone is friendly, offer parks, amenities, local schools, and you can take the kids and walk around the area and not have to worry about your safety.

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Eastern Creek 2766

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Cambridge Park 2747

I have rented for most of my life, in the northen suburbs of Sydney. I then had the oppurtunity to buy my first home. I was a bit unsure of buying in western Sydney initially, but value for money was just too good to pass up. I found a great home in Cambridge Park at a great price. I have lived here now for four years & don’t regret making the move one bit. The neighbours are fantastic, the area is really quiet, it’s just out of the Penrith CBD but close enough for me either walk, drive or get a bus to the major shopping centre. Westfields purchased what was once called Penrith Plaza & have invested a lot of money in turning it into a large Westfiled shopping complex. There is a lot of new housing now going up in the area & it appears to moving along quiet nicely. I would not hesitate in recommending this area to anyone who was thinking of buying, the size of the land still available is amazing. Do your research & take a closer look at Cambridge Park.

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