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[Jan 2023] 10 Most Expensive and Affordable Suburbs in Sydney

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I’ve only looked at suburbs within 50km of Sydney 2000, and the data is as at 2 January 2023. Things change quite rapidly so don’t expect these to be exactly the same when you’re reading this!

Data has been sourced from SmartPropertyInvestment.com.au which is one excellent resource for the latest suburb level property data, and FreeMapTools.com for the a list of suburbs that were within 50km to the Sydney 2000.

I had performed this same exercise back at the beginning of 2022 (which you can find here), did a follow up on these suburbs a couple days ago (here).

Looking at the data, the most expensive houses within 50km to Sydney CBD can be found at Darling Point with a median value at a whopping $12.0m. Pay a third less than this and save yourself $3.5m for the most expensive apartment in the heart of the Sydney CBD at Barangaroo for $8.5m.

There’s only one last suburb with the median house value being under the $500k mark and that is in the south-west of Sydney in Claymore with a median value of $470k. From then on it’s a more than $100k jump to the next most affordable suburb. If you’d rather be closer to the city and don’t mind an apartment, Lakemba and Wiley Park stand out with apartments at a median value of $390-405k and only being within 15km from the CBD! The median values of units in these two suburbs had only slightly indc

Below are all the tables summarising the top 10 most expensive and affordable suburbs in Sydney as at 2 January 2023.

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Most Expensive Houses

SuburbMedian ValueDistance to CBD (km)
Darling Point$12.0m4.6km
Watsons Bay$11.8m6.9km
Bellevue Hill$8.4m5.7km
St Leonards$8.0m3.7km
Double Bay$6.3m4.1km
Diamond Bay$6.3m6.9km
Dover Heights$6.3m6.9km

Most Expensive Units

SuburbMedian ValueDistance to CBD (km)
Point Piper$4.3m4.6km
Darling Harbour$3.9m5.1km
Dawes Point$3.9m5.1km
Dover Heights$3.4m6.9km
Diamond Bay$3.4m6.9km
Darling Point$3.0m4.6km
Milsons Point$2.2m1.6km

Most Affordable Houses

SuburbMedian ValueDistance to CBD (km)
Menangle Park$589k49.6km
Lethbridge Park$668k38.0km
Mount Druitt Village$670k38.0km

Most Affordable Units

SuburbMedian ValueDistance to CBD (km)
Wiley Park$405k13.5km
Warwick Farm$419k26.9km
Mount Druitt$425k38.0km
Canley Vale$430k25.4km

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